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This project page contains all distribution files, sources, documentation and any other VisualDCT resources.


All users and developers interested in VisualDCT, mainly EPICS community.

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Matej Sekoranjamatej.sekoranja_AT_cosylab.comimplementator
Jaka Bobnarjaka.bobnar_AT_cosylab.comimplementator
Sunil Sahsunil.sah_AT_cosylab.comimplementator


2002-07-10Matej SekoranjaVisualDCT ported to Eclipse and Ant builds.N/A
2002-07-23Matej SekoranjaPackage A implemented.N/A
2002-08-20Matej SekoranjaPackage B alpha integration build available.N/A
2003-07-18Matej SekoranjaPackage C (full graphical hierarchy support) release candidate.N/A
2003-09-27Matej SekoranjaMinor bugfixes, debug plugin support.N/A
2004-03-30Matej SekoranjaCapFast interoperability, minor bugfixes.N/A
2004-08-30Matej SekoranjaPackage D1 release candidate.N/A
2004-11-18Matej SekoranjaPackage D2 pre-release.N/A
2005-05-27Matej SekoranjaPackage D2 release.N/A
2005-12-20Matej SekoranjaPackage F release.N/A
2008-01-22Matej SekoranjaPackage E release.N/A
2009-04-21Matej SekoranjaPackage F2 release.N/A


2.1.1234 N/A Manual build.View N/A
2.1.1235 N/A Manual build.View N/A
2.2.1236 N/A Manual build.View N/A
2.3.1237 N/A Manual build.View N/A
2.3.1238 N/A Manual build.View N/A
2.3.1240 N/A Manual build.View N/A
2.3.1241 N/A Manual build.View N/A
2.3.1242 N/A Manual build.View N/A
2.4.1244 N/A Manual build.View N/A
2.4.1245 N/A Manual build.View N/A
2.4.1246 N/A Manual build.View N/A
2.4.1247 N/A Manual build.View N/A
2.4.1248 N/A Manual build.View N/A
2.4.1249 N/A Manual build.View N/A
2.4.1250 N/A Manual build.View N/A
2.4.1256 N/A Manual build.View N/A
2.4.1257 N/A Manual build.View N/A
2.5.1271 N/A Manual build.View N/A
2.6.1274 N/A Manual build.View N/A


1.43rdpartyJava 2 Platform, Standard Edition
3.73rdpartyJUnit Testing Framework
1.03rdpartyStyler ANT Task
2.0.113rdpartyMySQL JDBC driver


VisualDCT EPICS Databases Hierarchy Support

This document presents a new EPICS databases hierarchy mechanism used by VisualDCT and it is a proposal for EPICS database model for Base R3.15 and later.

Java Installation and Build Process of VisualDCT

This document is a users guide to installing the Java software necessary to perform builds of VisualDCT project. The instructions include steps needed to set up Eclipse IDE, 3rd party software and explanation of how Ant build files are used.

VisualDCT Plugins

This document contains information on writing plugins for VisualDCT and their installation.

VisualDCT Graphical Data Reference

This document specifies how VisualDCT stores its visual data about graphics layout.

VisualDCT User's Manual

This document is a users manual of how to use VisualDCT and also contains some tips and ticks.

VisualDCT Release Notes

This document is contains release notes of the current build.

VisualDCT Hierarchy Additions

This document specifies further additions to the hierarchy mechanism of VisualDCT to be implemented in the future releases.

VisualDCT homepage

VisualDCT homepage where you can find all related manuals, articles and presentations.

VisualDCT JCA Debug Plugin homepage

JCA Debug Plugin is a VisualDCT plugin allowing to display actual values in the control system inside the control boxes for records displayed within VisualDCT.

VisualDCT Spreadsheet Vi ew Manual

API Javadoc

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